Emmanuel Yehuda Moreno

Among the dozens of classified operations in which Moreno took part, some of which he led, only two have been made public. In 1994, Moreno participated in Poisonous Sting, an IDF operation in which Mustafa Dirani was kidnapped from his home in Lebanon. In 2003 he led the operation to rescue taxi driver Eliyahu Goral who was kidnapped by Palestinians and held hostage in a basement in Betunia.


After the Second Lebanon War ceasefire came into effect, Moreno led about a hundred fighters in an operation in the region of Baalbek. They landed in two Yasur helicopters, disguised as Lebanese Army soldiers. The operation had been leaked to the Lebanese media and Hezbollah, but senior echelons of the General Staff decided to go forward. After the operation was successfully completed, and the forces were on their way back, they were ambushed by Hezbollah, and Moreno, who was sitting in a jeep, was mortally injured, and died soon after. He was the first soldier of Sayeret Matcal to die in combat since 1994. He was buried at Mount Herzl.

עוז רוחו ואומץ ליבו
היוו סמל ומופת
ללוחמי היחידה,
עת הובילם בארץ אויב.
מסירותו, נחישותו
ויכולותיו המקצועיות
הגבוהות באו לידי ביטוי
לכל אורך שרותו,
בהתמדה וברציפות.

His security activities, including the operation in which he was killed, remain classified, and he is the first IDF soldier whose photo has not been made public, even after his death.  



“He was a paragon of courage and bravery for his soldiers as he led them into enemy territory. His dedication, his determination, and his exceptional capabilities found expression throughout his service, and were evident in everything he did. The late Lt. Col.

Emmanuel Moreno took part and led  dozens of covert operations that strengthened the security of the State of Israel.  --Major General Amos Yadlin, Head of the Intelligence Corp., on awarding Moreno a posthumous citation  

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